Communication Start

Communication Start

I’ve always been interested in how humans interact and communicate. It is also a big part of what I’m doing everyday in my job, being a sales guy/Account Manager.

This blog will serve multiple purposes. In regard to #Communication I will plainly provide my ideas and thoughts about different observations I made and books I read. This will also allow me to dig in deeper in this field of interest.

A small definition of what I relate to, when speaking of #Communication:

  • Day-to-day human interaction
  • Ways of Persuasion
  • Improvement of Understanding what is actually meant
  • Means of Manipulation? (I will leave that here)
  • How to present
  • How to make someone liking to talk to you

As a start I would like to begin with a more advanced topic. The basics of communication (also regarding fundamental science basics) are already covered multiple times. What has caught me (because there’s some new/unknown stuff inside) is a TED talk from Celeste Headlee. If you are interested in improving your ways to communicate, I strongly recommend to watch this video.

In brief, here’s what I got from it:

1. Be present – We often forget about that, especially in times like these with social media etc. A friend of mine always checks his smartphone when I am talking to him. I like him, but disklike that behaviour.

2. Be curious – Very important, also it helps to be present

3. Ask open questions

4. Stay in the conversation

5. Talk should not be cheap

6. Share experience

7. No Rephrasing

8. Don’t get lost in details

9. LISTEN – This is the most important thing and this is also what most people neglect.. I will dive more deeply into this later

10. Be brief – I like that 😉

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